Winner of the Barcelona 24 hour race on two occasions using sound sensible engineering
100mpg from a Triumph or 80bhp from a Triumph twin
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This is a view of some of the bikes we have either built or been involved with over recent years Click on the picture to see more information

40Harley (4)
Engine and cycle parts nearing completion
41Harley (3)
44Harley (2)
Frame and cycle parts fitted
36Harley (1)
Another old Harley needs a frame
34Unit Triton rebuild
A really nice Bonnie in a hacked Wideline
33V Twin HRD [11]
(Large Pictures)
32V Twin HRD [10]
More pics of this great bike
29V Twin HRD [9]
Last pics before being sent back to Argentina
28V Twin HRD [8]
More pics of the HRD
27V Twin HRD [7]
More pics
26V Twin HRD [6]
Just more pics of this fantastic Bike
20V Twin HRD [5]
Final Pictures of the 750 HRD Sept2002
19V Twin HRD [4]
Final Pictures of the 750 HRD Sept2002
17V Twin HRD [3]
The HRD meets its frame
11V Twin HRD [2]
The frame and engine for the HRD
9V Twin HRD [1]
Vincent in a Dresda custom Frame
39Barcelona 6
Some pics from the back of the garage
37Barcelona 5
Replica bike takes shape
24Barcelona 3
Replica of the 500 mile winning bike
21Barcelona 2
A copy of the Barcelona 24 hour race winner
14Barcelona 1
A copy of the Barcelona 24 hour race winner
35AJS 7R
The bike is collected
31AJS 7R
AJS 7R in w Dresda Frame
30AJS 7R
AJS 7R in w Dresda Frame
23AJS 7R
First Stages of the build of a 7R racer
18Project Bike 2
Pictures from the final scnes of the Rebuild
15Project Bike 1
Built in 48 Hours on video
Triton with all the mods for sale
108 Valve Racer
An 8 valve head on a Dresda Triton
8Triumph 5TA
A rebuild for a 500cc Triumph
Last stages in the Trident Project
A new Trident nears completion
A new Trident takes shape
4Dresda 500
500cc Racer
3Dresda 900
Overbored and restroked Triumph Unit
2Harley Davidson
Harley in a Dresda Frame
V Twin JAP in Dresda Frame
Customer bike back for service
5Kevin Hann
Pictures of the Webmaster
Just to prove we touch BSA's
A basic T110 rebuild


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