Winner of the Barcelona 24 hour race on two occasions using sound sensible engineering
100mpg from a Triumph or 80bhp from a Triumph twin
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   DRESDA Developments


Dresda Autos are not just parts suppliers. We develop our designs and produce all of our own components. This continuous development is backed by on track testing. See below for some details about recent events.
Look out for our photo rebuild of a racing Triton

What we can do for stopping!
1Belt Drives
Advantages of belt drives
32Front Forks
Mods, performance and glamour
Reduction in weight
26Swinging Arms
Swinging Arms
Pictures of coils and head steadies and bars
23Gearbox Bits and Pieces
Some issues around the gearbox.
20Oil Tanks
Oil Tanks
Agents for MORGO Equipment
8Cracked Fork Legs?
Repair cracked fork leg pinch bolts
27Dave Degens
Dave at work
7Degens Story
Pictures and info on Dave
6Street Bikes (1)
Some random pictures of bikes sent to us
Dresda and Norton Frames
2Engine Plates
Why you need our plates
4Cylinder Heads
What we can do with your head
44Triton Rebuild [Completed)
43Triton Rebuild [Completed)
42Triton Rebuild [Completed)
33Triton Rebuild paint and odds
There are loads of bits in a bike!
29Triton Rebuild [Assembly2]
The engine and swinging arm are installed
24Triton Rebuild [Assembly1]
The engine is placed in the frame
25Triton Rebuild [Engine 8]
More pictures of the final engine assembly
22Triton Rebuild [Engine7]
First stage engine assembly
21Triton Rebuild [Engine4]
Cylinder Head Modifications
18Triton Rebuild [Engine5]
Pistons and rods
17Triton Rebuild [Engine4]
Crankcase and Crank
16Triton Rebuild [Frame3]
Frame after spraying
15Triton Rebuild [Engine4]
Cylinder Head Modifications
14Triton Rebuild [Engine3]
Modifications to Rocker boxes
13Triton Rebuild [Frame2]
The frame is modified
12Triton Rebuild [Engine2]
Rocker Box problems
11Triton Rebuild [Frame1]
The Frame
10Triton Rebuild [Engine1]
We are rebuilding a TRITON as an on line project
41Triton Rebuild
34Triton Rebuild
Head steady and how to fit Lucas Rita
35Triton Rebuild
Forks and wheels
36Triton Rebuild
Engine and carbs
37Triton Rebuild
Wheels etc.
38Triton Rebuild
40Triton Rebuild
39Triton Rebuild