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Triton Rebuild [Engine1] 10  



We are rebuilding a TRITON as an on line project
We will strip down a racing bike last ridden in 1974 and show how, by using modern materials and thinking, we can get it to be as good as current machinery.
We were provided with two engines. The original engine had suffered a nasty blow up! Due to a slight bend on the rod ( so Dave said) the rod had snapped. Nothing was ever found of many parts of the bottom of the engine but the crank stayed on the bike. The second engine was from abroad bike and would be cannibalised to provide some of the missing parts. This shot shows the original racing engine with a new crank from a road bike fitted. The crank was a bolted assembly and of no use for racing power.
The bike did have a 4 speed close ratio gearbox. Due to the spread of torque a 5 speed box is not essential and can add considerably to the cost so it was decided to retain the existing cogs. Note that this engine breathes through the drive side and in order to run a dry clutch with belt drive this has to be changed to breathe through a tube fitted in he cases in front of the cylinders.
What's wrong with this picture? Wet clutch with 3 springs. The alternator on this engine ( the one to be cannibalised) is no good as the rotor had disintegrated. All sold to us in good faith of course! Lucky we are not going to use it
Although the rank had remained intact when the rod broke it did make a mess of the bearings. We were very worried about cracking and decided to scrap the crankshaft
MORGO 50 barrel had taken a bash when the rod broke. A wet Sunday afternoon and a grinder reduced the damage to a smooth appearance but again Dave though the barrel was scrap. Lots of options for a new set of barrels to be decided soon.
The 9 stud Cylinder head had come into contact with the wayward piston. Not major damage as Dave welds the head up anyway. The valve and valve guide also took a hammering.


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