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Triton Rebuild [Frame1] 11  



The Frame
The bike we are rebuilding was in need of some serious work. A poor nickel plating had been applied and due to the poor positioning of the engine plates some parts of the frame had been missing.
The engine plates had been fitted too high in the frame resulting in the chain line being wrong. A tube had been inserted to improve the frame strength but the chain ripped into this as can be seen in the photograph.
A new Manx type frame showing the difference between our bike and a new frame.
The seat loop is welded on to he frame to support the seat. Especially useful for road bikes but equally valuable for racing bikes this adds something to fit the seat onto!
The new frame will have larger fairing mounting brackets.
Our original bike showing the small fairing fixings.
Another shot of the damage the chain had done to the cross tube.


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