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Triton Rebuild [Frame3] 16  



Frame after spraying
The frame back from spraying
The frame has now been powder coated and fully finished. A lot of coats were needed as well as a lot of rubbing down to overcome the mess that the previous plating had created. The original frame has been pickled and although it was a very hard wearing finish it looked like it had been sprayed with a lot of sand left under the paint. Dave's guys were not amused and it took a lot of work to get the frame looking like it does now. PERFECT. It is fully aligned and straight ( thatís something new for a TRITON frame)
This picture shows the finishing touches that you get from Dresda. Mounting posts are screwed into the frame to hold the fuel tank away from the frame. This holds the frame firmly and stops it moving around. Also in the picture is the Fuel tank retaining strap fixing point. All of the little extras that Dresda put on to the frames make the difference between a Triton and a Good Dresda Triton
Dave is insistent that the old Orange tank does not go back on the new bike and this is the first time that a tank has been on the bike. It really feels like the bike is starting to be born again now.
Another view of the rear seat support and mudguard holder. You could bolt one on but this is firm and looks good.
Detailed view of the tank strap fixed to the Dresda bracket. The other end of the strap is fixed using rubber belts to provide sufficient hold down but still allow flexibility.
Yes itís the same as before! But I like the tank on the frame.


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