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Triton Rebuild [Engine7] 22  



First stage engine assembly
The balanced crank and new rods are assembled into the sand blasted crankcases.
The crank assembly. New T140 rods are used which are stronger and shorter. So if they are shorter don’t we have to machine the barrels I said…. Dave scowls and I realise that this is bread and butter to him.
Nice hot of the cleaned up crankcase half with new main bearing and gearbox seals
The new crank meets the cases for the first time.
Actually we had to put new main bearings in before we assembled it all. In the next shots we see Dave heating the case to simply drop the bearings into position.
Not too hot and not too cold!
Dave machines the gearbox sprocket to make it thinner to ease chain alignment. 5/8 down to 1/4


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