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Triton Rebuild 37  



Wheels etc.
The front mudguard is carbon fibre. One of a small batch produced for Daves sponsored rider and himself
Lucas Rita Ignition is fitted to the bike. The unti can go anywhere but Dresda positions it on nice rubber mounted brackets. Electronic ignition is essential for smooth running and avoids trying to keep two sets of points correctly set up. A task I remember well! If done correctly the timing really makes a major difference in performance. Balance seemed to me at least to be as important as the amount of advance!
This shot shows the carbs. The originals were 30 mm and as the head has been flowed at 30mm they were left as standard. Wear and tea on the original carbs howver meant that many of the innderds had to be replaced. This shot also shows the primary drive which still has to have a drive belt fitted. The primary chaincase has been machined to expose the clutch and the timing marks on the crankcase.
The wheels on the Triton have been changed from 19 inch to 18 inch. This allows better tyre selection. The new rwheels do not have the high ribs that the previous wheels had and look more like steel wheels. The tyes on the bike have been used by Dave for a running in session.
The benefits of the rear frame loop are shown in this shot which shows it supporting not only the rear of the seat but also the mudguard. The original bike did not have a mudguard and this resulted in a lot of ruber over the back of the engine and oil on the rear of the bike. The rebuilt Engine should not have the oil leakage problems!
The head steady is a large chunk of polished aluminium which holds the engine firmly in the frame and reduces vibration.


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