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  The first Auto jumble of 2002 took place at Kempton Park on Saturday 26th January. Not a good day weather wise!   EGP Auto Jumbles    
      Junction 1 off the M3. Saturday morning 10:30 am. Its raining , blowing a gale. Visibility on the motorway was 100 yards. Still, at least I am not on a motor bike. Not that anyone would ride a bike in these conditions. Guess its gonna be a cancelled sign when I get there.

Only reason I am going is I got to get some pictures of this auto jumble. What do I expect? Not a lot. 

Shit! Was that Junction one?

Oh well lets see the true source of the M3. Hanslow? Its a roundabout which I go all around and re join. A380? Kempton? Shit I could have gone down there. Never mind lets get to J1. I pull over and join the 4 cars at the lights on the roundabout.
Lights on a roundabout... an oxymoron if ever there was one. (look it up!)

Have I got the day right? Must be a horserace meeting on. So many cars. No way are they all going to the EGHP auto jumble. Cum on! This is biker stuff they would  all be on bikes right? 

      20 minutes later and I get to the front of the queue. Four cars remember! Someone get the lights phased to suit a Saturday morning please.

I actually gasp. Every car in front t of me and nearly everyone coming from the opposite direction is turning into he Kempton park Race course. I still don't believe I have got the right day.
January 26th ... the next race meeting is 28th. Do they get here that early????

Hang on there are a few bikes in the car park and yes a sign to the auto jumble

I fight my way into the car park and face a mile long trip to the parking space. 
Lots of people in yellow waving to us. 
I start to get waved back to the entrance and think "you prats"! but a really nice guy aims me at a parking space. Well they optimise their space!

Its Saturday 26th January 2002. I have Been invited to the EJP auto jumble event at Kempton park The first of Eric Patersons auto jumble meetings of 2002. There are lots more guys so look at he rest of the web site to see how to get here an when!

I am here to take pictures for Eric's web site. So I don't get out of the car! Its warm in here and its bloody windy and wet. Shit!.( again) Last time I was on a road bike was 1973. Why am I here!

Id o get out and organise my stuff, camera, lenses, film, notebook. PDA, work phone, private phone. Money.
I stumble from the car under the weight

Tiptoe through rivers of water. My prized Andersen Consulting baseball cap tightly pressed down to my head. 

I join the queue. Its got about 50 guys in it!
Why the heck are they here. Are they mad? Its cold and wet.... oh yes they are all mad bikers. Change mindset and I am one of them... But a guy is handing out business cards telling us when we can do it all again so I think Hmmmm I think that's mad Eric. hello hers our list of other events this year, says Eric.
Hi Eric. I'm Kevin !.. web site? Ah yes good lets talk later. Oh ! if there is one thing Eric can do its talk. I learnt that from Dave Degens when I first met Eric and his JAP Dresda.

I say ok then let me in for nothing. ( I am not proud!)
Eric laughs and then realises I am serious! Well 3 is 3!!!! ( This is not expensive I think! I feel mean but walk out of the queue and approach Colin. Hi Colin Eric said I can get in for free!"
In I go feeling vastly superior to the 50 guys waiting in line.

As a nearly born again biker its years since I went to a bike show and I am instantly amazed at what I see. Hundreds of stalls, loads of bike of all kinds but probably mostly of British origin. 

The place is packed and its still raining and only 11am. Gates open at 10 so if this rate of entry keeps on it will b very full by mid day.

As I walk in people are walking out carrying bits, two guys are carrying a complete frame, another with leading link forks. For sale signs on a few Triumphs as I walk up the stairs to the main area make me double take. Around 1200 for a nice looking Unit Triumph. The bikes with it are good value but i cant remember what they were. I thought Id have another look on the way out but all but one had gone.

Naturally the indoor area was full. I cant make up my mind if the stall holders liked the numbers of people or not. Many were there to get out of the rain. But business did seem brisk at most stands.



As usual at events of this type there are a a load of stalls selling  books and it would have been very tempting to browse. But I was still dripping from my hat and feared damaging the books.

The majority of stalls had the usual second hand Aladdin's cave items, forks wheels engines and bits of engines while others were obviously trade companies selling special ranges. New triumphs spares on one customer built stall included what looked like brand new 9 stud barrels and new tank badges to name just a few. Other stands supplied nuts and bolts while other sold tyres. A few sold clothing and helmets at very good prices.


As a Triton owner two frames caught my eye. Stripped Manx frame sat next to a slimline featherbed and offered at good prices. My first Triton frame ( Wideline) cost me 10 in 1969. It spelt in my bedroom until I realised as a school boy I could not afford to put the other few parts needed to it. I thought the value of these frames was good in comparison.


I was surprised at the number of Commandos in very sorry state of repair. Perhaps that's why I don't seem to see many on the road. They are all totally shot!

One stall really caught my eye. A Honda and a Kawasaki at 250 and 350 respectively. Yes of course they were very very rough but they did look complete. One had a chrome custom swinging arm. I heard the owner say that that cost 500 on its own. Well maybe, when the chrome was not a rust colour but hell you could not go far wrong ...I was not the only one to think so as while I was looking the for sale sign came off and there was a lot of handshaking going on. SOLD!


End note

On the way back to the car park sodden wet trousers, a leaking baseball cap and God knows how much water in my camera bag and the guy in front turns to his mate and pointing at about 60 motorbikes parked in the car park says "look some silly sods came by bike". Now as we are all soaking wet with no waterproof helmets gloves boots or jeans I actually think the silly sods on the bikes are probably warmer and drier!

I look forward to coming again .. in the summer.. when its dry.



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